The (Second) Secret to a Stellar Fall Season

Honor the Night

Fall is our first seasonal signal to slow down.  We are now in the year’s downward slope–the days are obviously shorter.

As night starts to encroach on the day, it's a hint: Get more sleep.

As my expert Chinese teacher said, when a person has a problem in their health or wellbeing, check out their lifestyle.   A supportive lifestyle includes adjusting to the season.

A little of your energy socked away on a regular basis starting now accumulates (just like your 401 (k)!). That accumulated rest will provide you with a basis for sustained energy for what matters to you--make you sharper on the job and more fun at dinner.  It will support a juicy hormonal environment if you plan to start a family. It will keep you vital as you age.

You don't have to start big.  Make it easy.

Practice for Fall: Follow the light.  Start by going to bed 10 minutes earlier than usual for one week. Then add another 10 minutes the next week, so you are now going to bed 20 minutes earlier than previously. Continue accordingly.  Bonus: every hour in bed before 11 pm is worth 2 hours of sleeping in.  Adjustment: If you really really can't sleep more, use this time to meditate or do breath work (see previous post, The (First) Secret to a Stellar Fall).