How to "spring" forth

The season that inspires you to get hopping
may also be the one you trip on

The change in the scent of the air, the new and noisy bird chorus at dawn, and afternoons that are no longer stolen by an early night make most of us want to get out and move.

This is just what the season calls for.

Then it snows.

So typical of spring: It sets you up for freedom and then the unexpected boxes you in.

If you're flexible, you'll search for another door. An obstacle is your opportunity to creatively adjust.

However, if your energy isn't smooth and free, that box is a scene for *&%#*#!! and then some.

Regardless of your condition, spring will keep calling you to get a move on, free yourself up.

Here are some options for opening your new flow:

Get any kind of physical exercise that doesn't drain or strain you (too much).

What happens outside can happen inside

Your emotions, too, can run the same uneven course.

If you find yourself irritable, short-tempered, erratic, try taking some deep breaths before embarking on a crank fest.

Once you've got that breath try this: Ask yourself, in what way could that frustration offer you a chance to discover an even better route than the one you had set your eyes on.

You may have to look (withholding judgement for now) for a bit for the answer to reveal itself. It make take a fresh perspective.

In summary: 'Tis the season of creativity. Be a blade of grass: Find the crack that lets you through. Be a tree: Throw out a new branch.

Wishing you a spring full of fresh

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Alex Knox