Year of the Pig: The happy homebody

Part One

Enjoy all things domestic. But if you leave home, wear your galoshes.

As of February 5, we welcome in the female yin earth (or brown) Pig.  The pig is a peaceful animal who dearly loves its home, family, food and comforts, so we are asked to enjoy ourselves this year. Maybe we’ll indulge a little too much, too.  “The main goal is contentment – resting and healing to prepare for the new cycle [in 2020],” says author and Feng Shui* expert Lillian Pearl Bridges.

To understand how you may flourish at home, in business, what’s in store for politics, climate and more, we need to explain a bit about yin, yang, water and earth.

“One of the curious aspects of the two elements of this year is that they are both yin – yin earth and yin water,” says Bridges. “Because both the earth and the water elements are considered more yin [than yang], it is almost like having a quadruple yin year,” she says. That kind of yin is like a deep, still lake whose foundation is a quarry, its stone expressing an especially yin type of earth.

“Yin and yang are often misconstrued as opposites, but they are actually interdependent and can transform to become the other, as each carries the seed of the other within.”

Let it be, urged Lennon and McCartney. Everyone has both yin and yang characteristics, even though women are more yin and men more yang. “However, most societies have been incredibly yang-focused [action and achievement-oriented]  for a long time… that balance is about to change. The yin [still, inward, quiet, soft] nature of the year may bother a lot of people, but it will balance out their yang [do it, move it] natures. Take naps and spend more time just being,” advises Bridges.

The Global Picture

Since I’m posting from Washington, D.C., let’s just get politics addressed right off the bat.

On our way back home. (McCartney wrote that too). Because of the Yin nature of this Pig year, international relationships may have more harmony. According Bridges, “Governments will pay more attention to...domestic policies and their impact on legislation. Countries will [focus less] on relationships with other nations or with foreign affairs,” and will withdraw “from occupied or foreign territories.”** We can expect easier resolution of past differences, too. The Pig year blesses negotiations, treaties, agreements and alliances between countries. We’ll see smoother, more peaceful changes in command or government positions.

We can work it out, maybe. Where fights do occur, expect impasses. Resistance will meet with equal resistance.  Solutions will likely require both sides “to lower their expectations considerably.”  (Let’s see how Brexit turns out). It’s not a year for big wins, but rather for incremental gains. As they say, life is short. Do you really want to fight?

Be nice, now. Expect political mud-slinging. But, “Aggression and violence will not be tolerated this year and strides will be made in creating systems or passing legislation to deal more effectively with societal problems. This is not a year for holding grudges or plotting revenge. These energies will not be appreciated or allowed and will bring rebukes, ostracism and censure. Conciliatory words and soothing tones of voice are advised in communication for harmonious interactions. People will feel much more pro-peace and will find it easier to cooperate and compromise,” Bridges states.


Get out your rubber boots. Because of the earth and water influences, this might wind up being dubbed the year of mud. Mud in the environment, muddy past (coming to light, though), and muddy thinking.

Expect drizzles and showers to be frequent. Eventually, they’ll fill the streams and rivers, perhaps to overflowing. Watch for landslides, flash floods, flooded areas (including basements).

More tough news: Flood waters pollute.

But the good in it: New and renewed action on clean water, spill clean-ups, modernizing water systems, and water policy is likely.

Here’s what’s singing in the rain: Water-loving plants and crops. Sheep and cattle will be delighted with all that new grass. And we’ll see lots of lambs and calves as a result. Bumper crops in fruits and vegetables will revitalize and expand biodynamic and organic farming.

Earth also loves compost,—yeah for all you composting gardeners—so recycling should do well this year. “Scientists will find new ways of dealing with or processing food waste and trash as well as water reclamation,” says Bridges.

How to act and who benefits

Wrap it up: The Pig is the final animal of the Chinese 12-animal zodiac. This means you get to finish that project up! You’ll see long-term projects, ongoing investigations or delayed lawsuits finalized. Complete and conclude what you can.

Plan on it. Although a good year for business, you’ll get more support for planning than launching. “The Chinese saying is that “Businesses should plan in the Pig year and launch new projects and expand in the Rat year”, which is in 2020.

Who flourishes: Publishing, environmental/ecology industries and businesses based on natural sciences should all have good years. Businesses that have something to do with earth, like real estate, home building and sales and all businesses involving food will get a boost, whether you are a grower, purveyor or restauranteur. Joining forces with others is also a good idea in this year.

The energy of the Pig will make education-related businesses flourish, particularly involving children and children’s educational toys. The Pig also benefits all professions involving caring – healing, therapy, counseling and social work. Charities and nonprofits that focus on the welfare of children and the disenfranchised, as well as shelters for the homeless and feeding the hungry will receive more donations and gain more volunteers.

It may rain on your investment parade, but your savings could grow. This is not a great year for the stock market. “Fire is being trapped inside earth and put out by water. The stock market’s volatility is considered fiery and there is a dampening energy (earth and water) on market growth.” Avoid risky investments or investing for quick profits. Choose conservative strategies. For the first time in many a year, savings accounts may outperform many investments.

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  • Feng Shui is the traditional Chinese art of geomancy--arrangement in space and place-- using Chinese astrology for the most beneficial effect.

  • **The U.S. has  already initiated troop withdrawals from Syria and Afghanistan, and now says it will leave the I.N.F. (Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty), as has Russia.

  • NOTE: This forecast was generated by Lillian Pearl Bridges, but heavily edited by me. You can read the original at her site: