The Year of the Pig, Part Two

Every year carries and expresses the influence of one of the 12 animals in the Chinese zodiac.

Below you’ll find the how the year of the Pig—relatively happy, mellow and comfort-oriented—may influence your personal life. If you missed the previous post, it was sent last week. (Check your updates box or spam folder).

Earth + water = Note that this year the Pig has earth and water elements at work — both yin, which is quieter, more accommodating, less likely to flare up than yang elements, such as fire. In fact, it will be a chore to ignite a big fire here, since earth and water easily snuff out flames. The combination of earth and water make—you guessed it—mud! Look for real mud, muddy waters, and metaphorical mud this year, such as muddy thinking.

The truth will out. The Pig is an honest creature, and values truth.  However, the year’s muddy water creates confusion. Danger may be hidden or masked.  Even so, water always aims to get clear. Those who attempt deception will have to up their skills given this influence.   “The downward push of earth into water makes mud, but then rises up to dry in the sun. This means what’s been hidden below must come out,” says Bridges.

“Past venial sins will rise up to be remembered** and will need to be cleansed.  Therapists and ministers will be busier counseling, and Catholic churches will see more people seeking confession, “ says Bridges. These sins may be revealed anonymously or in confidence, but those who prey on yin people [those who do not traditionally wield power such as children, women and minorities]  will be found out, as yang [authorities, institutions vs. individuals, men in some cases] does not have as much power this year,” notes Bridges.

The Personal Picture: Health, Home and Happiness

Georgie porgie pudding and pie.  Need we say how thrilled pigs are about food?  Did we mention that they are a bit sedentary?  This year, increment by increment, sweet by sweet, you may find yourself wearing a few extra pounds. Didn’t see it coming did you? Who, after all, sees through muddy waters?

Here’s the impact on your health and what to do.

Sweet foods, in excess, burden the pancreas and stomach. To counteract this, eat warm cooked foods (I say this all the time to my patients, often for additional reasons).  Ginger, cardamom and cinnamon are easy and effective digestive aids, and hot drinks help too.

Gentle on the heart. Take care of your circulation this year. “The lack of fire makes circulation problems increase and there is slightly more risk of heart failure and small blood clots, hemorrhoids and varicose veins due to stagnant and thicker blood,” notes Lillian Pearl Bridges, source of this forecast and a Feng Shui expert.* Remedy:  Give blood (but only if you are vigorous). In Chinese dietary medicine, foods such as Mu’er (Wood Ear) Mushrooms and red fruits that look like hearts, such as cherries, build and clean blood. Light exercise such as Yoga, Tai Chi, and walking will also invigorate your circulation.

Watch your own muddy waters. The combination of elements symbolized as muddy water, says Bridges, can manifest as cloudy urine -- i.e., urinary tract infections. Blueberries can be helpful here. Small kidney stones may develop;  watermelon juice can be helpful. The adrenals may be taxed, showing up as low back weakness/pain, low libido, and general fatigue. Antidote: Rest and sleep more. (Acupuncture and Chinese herbal formulas help, too, wink wink).

All that water over this year may manifest individually as congestion (phlegm, technically; snot, colloquially). “Cook and eat more chicken soup with garlic, ginger, green onions and cayenne pepper and drink hot water with lemon and honey,” Bridges advises.

Goin’ to the chapel and we’re…  You may hear more wedding bells since it’s a year for serious romance (Pigs don’t Horse around).  And don’t act like a snake or rat (two other Chinese astrological animal symbols—but I’m kidding here). “It is not a good year to play with someone’s heart or engage in superficial relationships.”

Home sweet home.  That is where you’ll long to be.  The Pig is a home-loving and family-oriented creature and values comfort. You’ll be pulled to gather together with family, friends and workmates. Go ahead and spoil your children and grandchildren. This is a very good year for dealing with family issues and overcoming hurts, since reconciliation is one of the year’s themes. People will be more caring, considerate and nurturing this year, and more willing to help others.

Dropped down the chimney.  “Interestingly, although people may not be having as much sex this year, they will likely be much more fertile and many babies will be conceived,” she writes. (As I recall from my years as an agricultural journalist, pigs have lots of babies—7 to 12 to a litter, twice a year.)  Storks are going to be REALLY busy this year.

To conclude

The Pig is a generous animal. There’s a goodie for everyone.  Snuggle up, pair up, eat together, care for each other, be honest.

Have a comfy, cozy year!


  • * Feng Shui is the traditional Chinese art of geomancy--arrangement in space and place--using Chinese astrology for the most beneficent influences.

  • **This process started some years ago, but with the [re] emergence of the voices of women and minorities, starting with the Fire Rooster year in 2017, the trend of righting hidden and historic wrongs appears to gather strength this year.   As I write, one of my high schools is apologizing for the sexual misconduct of 10 adults in authority there from the 1970s through the 1990s. (In case you are wondering, I wasn’t one of the victims.)

  • This forecast was composed entirely by Lillian Pearl Bridges, but heavily edited by me. You can read the original at her site:

Alex Knox