New Patients

Please fill out the appropriate forms in advance, and bring them with you to your first appointment. Click on the links below to print them out. Please read, but do not print out the Privacy Practices Notice.

New Fertility Patients

If you are a new patient seeking treatment for fertility, please fill out this form in addition to the  one above:





It is well worth checking with your insurance carrier to see if you will be reimbursed. Go the Verify Your Insurance button on this page and fill out your information. Two days later your insurance details will come to me (not to you).

If you haven't contacted me directly and you send in your insurance verification online, please be sure to contact me after a couple of days. This will ensure that I get you your information.

The cost for those using insurance can vary. Each case will be unique. You may have a co-pay or must meet your deductible first. 

Payment methods

For payment, we accept cash, checks and credit cards.

You may use your HSA, FSA or MSA accounts for payment also.


While acupuncture can give you remarkable and often speedy results, its true power is in regularity of treatment.

If you are seeking lasting results, you may be coming for six or more sessions. Each person's case is different. In all cases I aim to get you better as fast as possible. And when you are better you get your life back!

Cash Payment Rates

First visit, 75-90 minutes: $150.00
Subsequent treatment sessions, 45-50 minutes: $95.00


If you have a host of complaints, and it appears that you may need to be in treatment for an extended period, I offer pre-paid packages of 11 treatments at a discount. This is an option discussed after your first visit or later, when we determine your level of response to treatment.

70 Years Old or More & Students: $80 per session.

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