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I started seeing Alex a number of years ago, after a head-on collision left me with chronic headaches and severe upper back and shoulder pain with reduced range of motion. Within a span of several months I went from being on 4 different pain meds at once, tapering to only sporadic use. My range of motion has increase and my quality of life continues to improve. She has consistently researched different techniques and provided the highest level of care with a wonderful bedside manner.

Regarding ear points for pain: For the first time in years I can reach forward unthinkingly. The pinching spine pain is gone. My neck is looser, the neck and arm range of motion has increased and discomfort reduced. I loved those needles!

Karen H., Washington, D.C.


Dear Alex,

Thank you for all your help and patience throughout my treatment. My headaches and severe neck pain have gone away for good and the dizziness I was suffering from for over 5 months has almost gone away completely. I can finally say I feel alive again. We did it! Thank you.

J.P.Z., Washington, D.C. 

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The last two periods have been so different from what I've had for a decade! The flow is lighter and shorter. It used to be heavy and long. I don't feel the irritability and paralysis I had before. I used to have terrible premenstrual insomnia – I am sleeping normally now.

Holly M. 


Chemotherapy is notorious for its side effects, especially nausea. I am happy to say Alex Knox was able to eliminate this horrible post treatment experience. Rather than feeling green with nausea, missing meals, as well as feeling miserable, I feel at worst a bit queasy.

I go to my chemotherapy treatment less anxious knowing I will be able to eat. Cancer is lonely; being able to engage in meals with family and friends is a blessing, plus it keeps up my strength. Three cheers for Alex’s acupuncture talent!

Karen, D.C.

Eileen H. Potomac MD

I came into Alex's office with my right hip in such severe pain that I often couldn't teach my daily aerobic exercise classes. In just 5 weeks Alex's treatments, including Chinese herbal applications, virtually resolved all the pain. Plus I started sleeping comfortably.

I extend my personal continuing applause at every performance I've attended of Alex's miraculous acupuncture treatments, which have, without fail, eradicated every one of my pains and discomforts--including shoulder pain and migraines – over the past 20 years!

Eileen H., Potomac, MD

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I loved the herbs you gave me. They totally shut down my brain in the way you shut off a water valve. I couldn’t have a panic attack if I tried. It was astonishing. There’s no gasoline there anymore to ignite it. This is what peace feels like.

Tony G., Arlington, VA

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Acupuncture changed my life, honestly. I feel like a different person. The tension I carried in my shoulders that made them hurt for years is gone. As a result, everything in my life feels better.

K.W., Washington D.C.


A number of years ago, I was at a talk during the height of my four-months-long allergy season. My nose was completely stuffed and it was running. My eyes were almost swollen shut and itching like crazy. On top of that my throat was making me sneeze all the time. As I was trying to deal with the allergies, a women told me sympathetically that she had been in the same state four years earlier but now was fine because of the acupuncture treatment she had received from Alex Knox.

A few weeks later I went to Alex as well. We began the treatment in the fall.  Since then each year my situation got progressively better. In the first year, the acupuncture and the Chinese medicine made my four-months-long allergy season bearable. In the second year, the bad allergy cases went down to a few weeks and in the third year to a few days. This year, there were only a few hours left. Now, I am the person who tells other people to seek Alex if they want to get cured.

Aaron C., Washington, D.C.

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Alex’s unique approach has helped me manage my multiple sclerosis (MS) in a way I never could have imagined. My exacerbations are less regular and less severe. When I do have one, Alex’s techniques have been more effective than Western medicine. Her understanding of the body’s symptoms and her ability to translate the philosophies of both Eastern and Western medicine make a powerful combination.

 Sara W., Washington, D.C

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Since starting acupuncture one year ago I’ve been the calmest I’ve been in my life. It was something I never anticipated I could get on top of. I tried everything–therapy, exercise. And if I exercise more than I do already I don’t know what would happen! I exercise every day!

J.F., Vienna, VA


I began seeing Alex in 2003 for gastrointestinal issues related to IBS (irritable bowel syndrome). Her treatments have helped immensely with abating my symptoms. I continued treatment as a preventative measure, and my condition has consequently been kept in check. I no longer take pharmaceutical drugs for the condition. I also find the treatments extremely relaxing, often times more relaxing than a massage.

A few years ago, I was in an auto accident and suffered a concussion and neck injury. My acupuncture treatments were extremely beneficial in relieving my neck pain and lead to a much quicker recovery. I always look forward to my bi-monthly “Alex” appointments to promote general well-being and am well pleased with the outcome of my treatments.

Terri B., Alexandria, VA

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I saw Alex on and off for 10 years. These days my treatments are primarily for depression, anxiety, and chronic pain—although I had post-surgical complications one autumn and Alex’s acupuncture treatments were far more effective than the medication an MD specialist had prescribed to me. This came as no surprise, as acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine treatments given by Alex have frequently proven to better solve my symptoms of everything from life-long conditions like anxiety and pain to minor, temporary complaints like insomnia, fatigue and wound care.

Meredith H., Washington D.C.


When I work consistently with Alex I feel relaxed, centered, and more focused. I notice improvements in digestion, fewer unhealthy cravings. Using acupuncture on a consistent basis dramatically improves my general well-being.

Peter A., Washington, D.C.

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When I first met Alex, I had recently lost my mother. As a result of her death, I was in therapy and was later to be diagnosed with obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) that plagued my thoughts. While trying to understand this diagnosis (without taking antidepressants) and still grieving for my mother, my sleep was also vastly affected. Alex came into my life at the right moment. During my first visit, I explained all of the issues I was going through and at the end of that first visit, I felt such a release and sense of relief. With her soothing demeanor, I felt at peace. I went home that night totally exhausted but slept wonderfully for the first time in a while. Within a few months (with acupuncture treatment and herbal supplementation), a lot of my mental symptoms were alleviated and I started to feel once again grounded.

Alex also referred me to other alternative therapists to help supplement the treatments she administered. Alex and I worked together over the course of time, and as a result, we were able to minimize greatly the symptoms of OCD and a few other accompanying issues.

With her acupuncture treatments and great advice over the years, Alex has changed my life tremendously. I will tell anyone that when we met 20 years ago, Alex saved my life! Over the years, she has helped improve my health and well being in so many ways that it is just incredible. I continue to see her today for acupuncture, because without her, something would be missing in my life.

B.J., Ashburn, VA


Dear Alex:  As I prepare to take leave of Washington and the wonderful acupuncture services that you have so generously rendered to me, I want to express my sincere appreciation to you. When I began my treatment with you, I had serious anxiety and tension issues. I remember pain in my feet, neck and back. I also remember how much I desired to have balance restored in my frenetic life. All of these ailments have been lessened considerably.  In fact, I dare say they no longer have appeared since my time with you.

Sister Mary E., Philadelphia PA

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