Is this you?

When you're depressed, life feels like a haul, day in and day out. When you're anxious, even the sunniest day doesn't dispel that sense of doom. 

For nearly two decades I've provided effective treatment for anxiety and depression. Acupuncture helps your body release feel-good hormones that start you feeling like yes, there really are sunny days.

While our treatments can be a natural complement to therapy and conventional care for mood, they can also stand alone.

As one client in treatment said, "I couldn't have a panic attack if I tried." After the panic subsided, he went on to drop his anti-depressant medication as well. Years later he has maintained his emotional stability drug-free. 

Note that acupuncture is particularly effective for women with mood swings due to hormonal imbalances--such as those with diagnoses of PMDD and PMS.