There's a natural road to feeling good again.
Acupuncture can get you there.


Success Stories

"The last two periods have been so different from what I've had for a decade!"
"Thank you for all your help and patience throughout my treatment. My headaches and severe neck pain have gone away for good."
– J.P.Z., Washington, D.C.

What I Treat


How It Works


Your body makes millions of healing substances, and knows exactly how to use them.

Acupuncture is the most advanced technique for harnessing and modulating that natural healing.

Oh, and our patients always say how relaxing it is, too.


Why is this so popular?

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It's incredibly safe.
Used by millions around the world, it has no side effects. Needles are sterile, disposable and used once – on you only.

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Time-tested and proven.
Refined over centuries, acupuncture is now shown in study upon study to be effective for a wide variety of conditions. Because it amplifies your healing capacities, its application is almost limitless.

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It awakens and harnesses your own healing power. YOU are the most powerful source of your own health.

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Deep Relaxation.

The same substances that heal you also relax you. Client after client says they sleep more deeply, relax more easily. You'll be amazed how much calmer you'll feel.


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About Me

AFK jan 2019 adjusted (3)

Sometimes you get to take a left turn in life, and-wow-it's not just a side street. It's a whole new road.

The road I was walking down was solid. I wrote and edited for two major publications and for some large companies. I had plenty to show for it.

Yet bit by bit my stamina wore down, my outlook often resembled a grey day. I was tired and wired at the same time.

I had no idea what acupuncture was going to do when I first tried it. In fact, I tried it only because my sister said it was cool.